Shadowed Realms

Episode 32- Two Princes

Kelt lives, but his death must be avenged.

The companions sail the Sea of Fallen Stars and discover that their theft of the Githyanki slave ship The Kaedron of Esparr has brought the attention of other spelljamming vessels to Faerun and that it may end up being a pretense to full scale invasion by extra-planar pirates.
A Rendevous with Captain Codrus of the Wicked Fang reveals the fact that the political situation in Coramyr is degenerating, and that the King wastes away while Allacian has declared himself regent, and Tetrarch Moncreif now holds control in Suzail. The Ghosts of Evantide in Coramyr have nationalized and the remaining cells now war opening with the Purple Lady’s network from the shadows.
Isaac, Redgar and Jonn are reunited with Hestia and Kelt. Kelt has been reborn as a noble savage Deva who currently controls many of the Orc tribes of the Farsea Swamp.
The Companions investigate the ruins of Nantir only to discover that the ruins contain one of the portals in the Navigator’s network, and Isaac and Jonn face off against the Shadar-Kai assassin that killed Kelt over a year ago.
Now in control of the Navigator’s portal, the Companions are aware of an impending attack that will destroy the nearby Church Knight encampment. How will the Companions turn the table on the forces of the Shadovar?



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