Shadowed Realms

Episode 33- Slipping Through The Fingers

Choices are made, and nations shudder...

The Red River Adventurers, in the hopes of preventing the slaughter of the Church Knights due to the enemies taking advantage of the Navigator’s Portal network, divide their number into two teams. Redgar, Jonn and Isaac travel to the north to deliver Prince Ivard into the hands of the Purple Dragon forces near Daggerdale, while Zayne, Thia and Tempest stay with the Dragon, Yilfir to guard the Navigators Portal and the prisoners.

When they arrive at the Purple Dragon camp, Prince Ivard’s command is contested by Magister Feodin, a War Wizard in service to Regent Allacian and it is clear that Allacian’s conspirators have no intention of allowing Ivard to disrupt their intentions. Prince Ivard’s call to arms leads to a bloody civil brawl that the companions barely survive and leaves the Purple Dragon forces decimated and demoralized. The Purple Dragons are now barely able to field their force let alone hold the line against the oncoming Shadovar.

Meanwhile, the remaining companions capture one of Tetrarch Montcrief’s conspirators and learns that the attack is immanent, and that the Tetrarch deliberatly fielded his personal enemies within the Church Knights so that they would be slaughtered in the King’s Forest. Fearing being overwhelmed, the companions are forced to block the Navigator’s portal to delay the invasion force and warn the Church Knights.

The Church Knights are warned, but alas the blocking of the portal served merely to delay the invasion, and the arrival of the Black Dragon Iaxmir signals that the Battle of the Storm Horns is about to begin!



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