Shadowed Realms

Episode Nineteen: Eyes in Team

Where do our loyalties lie?

Isaac Zarathustra joins his companions at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose. While Redgar is being briefed on the nature of the elemental chaos, Thia and Jonn fill Isaac in on recent events, but the subject of the Red River Charter is a source of contention between them, and Isaac wishes to consider his role before signing, given his ultimate loyalty to Coramyr. Redgar informs the others of the pleas of the Githzerai: If the Companions cannot reconnect the Yellow Rose portal with their sister monastery Sanzerthad deep within the Elemental Chaos, then their families and friends will die of starvation; even if they are not destroyed by the besieging forces of the Abyss.

The Red River adventurers gather at the Yellow Rose portal and it is discovered that Thia has received a spellscar. The Order of Blue Flame infected her with some form of susceptibility, and the eventual results of her infection is not yet known.

The companions travel to Sanzerthad and repair the portal, but are needed to assist in the defence of Sanzerthad. The forces of the Demon Prince Yeenoghu, sensing Sanzerthad’s weakness, were gathering for a siege of the Monastery to attempt to destabilize it before it can be returned to the Yellow Rose Portal.

While Thia receives training in the power of the Ghost Blades by Tucon of the Yellow Rose, Isaac is approached by Arijaal, the image of an agent of the Iron General Bane. The Iron General seems willing to provide Isaac assistance in advancing his own personal ambitions and hopes that Isaac will see fit to ask their assistance.

The Red River adventurers succeed in assisting in the defence of Sanzerthad, and accompanied by Gesendra of the Yellow Rose, they set out toward Vaasa, choosing to cross the Galenea mountains rather than attempt to secret themselves through Bloodstone Pass.

The companions arrive in Darmshall where they discover that there is a conflict brewing in Vaasa that involves the displacement of the indigenous Dwarven slave clans. The companions are approached by Sindri of Waterdeep. Sindri reveals to Redgar the fate of his father and brother, and passes on to the companions several gifts and the blessing of the Heart of the Sun adventuring party, inviting The Red River Adventurers to visit him in Waterdeep when they can.



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