Shadowed Realms

Episode Thirty One- Boots On The Ground

"Try to break it to my brother gently."

Zayne and Thia defend the Scardale Aquaduct from destruction at the hands of the Mistress’ Warforged Titan, and manage to disable the war machine, which is traded to the Zhentarim.

Then the companions act to prevent the Warforged from slaughtering the citizens of Scardale by protecting the local Shantytown from Warforged butchers. The companions capture one of the Warforged, designated “Nineteen”, and release him on the understanding that he owes them a life debt.

The companions learn that Anna has purchased herself a commission as a Commander in the Zhentarim in the hopes of securing their aid in holding Scardale against the inevitable Sembian return, and in the hopes of pleasing Bane, who still holds claim on her soul. `



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