Shadowed Realms

Episode Twenty Eight- Spark on the Anvil

Stuck once more between opposing forces-- motif anyone?

The Red River Adventurers emerge from the ruins of Zhentil keep victorious, with the book destroyed, the god Cyric allegedly dethroned and Zanne once more breathing. They reach the surface only minutes ahead of the Banelar, who, no longer restrained by prophecy, seeks to escape his prison beneath the earth.
The Companions meet up with Tempest and Mekphlasis the Silver Dragon, who are being pursued by the Warlock Green Dragon Razcorleth. Razcorleth is revealed to be the secret puppet master behind Commander Dabamorn’s position in the Zhentarim and he seeks both vengence and the means of keeping Dabamorn’s death a secret.
The Companions manage to drive off Razcorleth’s forces, but barely manage to slow down the advancing Banelar, whose sole purpose seems to be to make it to open water and seek its fortune elsewhere.
Once back aboard the Kaedron of Esparr, their stolen Githyanki Spelljammer, the Companions use its submersible abilities to overtake and secretly pass a Zhentarim fleet that seems intnent on heading to Scardale to support the defense of it’s port against the assaulting Blue Dragon Naval forces.
Redgar and his allied rendevous with the flagship of the Blue Dragon fleet and find out that the local forces are commanded by Crown Prince Ivard Obraskyr, the heir apparent of the Coramyran kingdom and a known military hawk. Ivard listens to Redgar’s explainations and accusations and ultimately agrees to help Ivard retake the port of Scardale before the Zhentarim arrive to improve their chances.
To do this, Jonn meets with his sister Anna, who has once more taken control of the Scardale resistance, and together they devise a plan to steal munitions from the Shadow Caravan profiteers that are supplying the Zhentarim— Jonn’s father Tultin.



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