Shadowed Realms

Episode Twenty Five: City of Torment

"Why did we come here again?"

The Red River Adventurers and their companions target and steal the Kaedron of Esparr, a Githyanki Spelljamming ship pirated by a Captain Iquel and his Red Dragon Ally, but in the conflict the ship’s flight controls are damaged allowing the ship to only to travel upon and beneath the waters of Toril.

Using their new ship, the companions travel to Xiphu, the fabled City of Torment, where they are forced to navigate its labrynthine corridors to seek out Anna of the Dales, who was placed unconscious within its depths by the magic of the Deck of Many Things.

With the aid of their tracker, Tempest, and through Redgar’s careful planning, they rescue Anna, and then discover that they are not certain what they intend to do now that they have her in their care.



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