Shadowed Realms

Episode Twenty Nine- To See Paradise But Never Enter

It helps to see the knife coming, but that doesn't always turn the blade.

The Red River Adventurers, with the assistance of Anna and the Scardale resistance, manage to stage a raid on the munitions holdings of Tultin of Scardale only to discover that Tultin has evidently pulled some sort of a quadruple-cross against his many allies! He sold out Scardale to the Shadovar forces, Used his ties to the Zhentarim to build up their brute squads for a double cross against the Shadovar while quietly seeding the coast with undead sleeper soldiers. But is now revealed to have been also aiding the Shadovar in smuggling in an army of constructs to prevent the Zhentarim from betraying the Shadovar. What side is he on? Likely his own.

The Red River Adventurers deliver the munitions to the docks intent on supplying the Crown Prince with the munitions to retake the docks but they manage to capture a Zhentarim officer who reveals the real purpose of the Zhentarim reinforcements from the north. They are here specifically to assassinate the Crown Prince. The Red River Adventurers decide that they must divide their forces: Half of them will make certain the uprising is successful by holding Scardale Keep, while the rest hurry to prevent Crown Prince Ivard’s assassination at sea at the hands of a Beholder Eye Tyrant.



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