Shadowed Realms

Episode Twenty One: Castle Perilous: The Closed Circle

The Orb of Dragonkind. At what cost?

With the rest of her team occupied by the Navigator’s Portal, Thia manages to pull off two desperate bluffs. The first to dissuade the genocidal Duregar intent on butchering the captive Delldwarves, and the second to mollify the impatient Dragon Gowxorel, who seemed intent on moving in to sieze Sulfindarkel’s territory. She manages to delay them long enough for the companions to return.
The companions convince their associate Immilzae to remain behind to rescue the Dellldwarves, while they travel with Gowxorel through the Navigator’s Portal. The Portal leads to the Navigator’s hidden library, when evidently much of Netheril’s ancient secrets were lost to the Shadow Kingdom.
The companions manage to lose their dragon to his own concerns and follow signs of recent occupation to the body of Kalarel, the Sharan Cultist that they thought had been claimed by Shadraxil almost a year ago. He had been tortured for information.
The Red River Adventurers discover one of Tiamat’s great temples beneath Castle Perilous and before they know it are face to face with Frazlofra the Grim, the Dracolich former mate of Shadraxil, now armed with Kalarel’s knowledge of the location of his mate! A brutal battle commences culminating in Redgar smiting Frazlofra with the Black Orb of Dragonkind, but at a terrible cost. The Temple’s defences take the life of Zayne in a devastating elemental convergence.
Zayne’s spirit is stopped from passing on by the angelic reaper Dusk, who tells Zayne that to prevent him from his soul from falling into the hands of Tiamat, Zayne must embrace the curse that binds his grandfather and rise as a vampire until he retrieves the book of Cyric and ends his grandfather’s curse.
Gowxorel flees and the companions meet up with Drakuur, who tells them that they cannot venture into Castle Perilous because he fears the true Witch King Zenghyi is awakening within it. He escorts the companions back to the portal and agrees to allow them access to the Navigator’s library in future.
The companions return to the Dellhalls and ambush Goodman Tultin, whom they interrogate regarding his past. Tultin pleads innocence regarding the selling of his children’s souls, insisting that the blame lay on his wife, who sought to use her children to buy immortality. The companions barter with the Dalelander, but he manages to escape at great cost, leaving the companions to travel on to Vesperin where they intend to barter with the Dark Princes of Shade for the cure to the Cyrishad’s madness.



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