Shadowed Realms

Episode Twenty Seven: Generational Warfare

"Are you sure that's the right book?"

The Red River Adventurers travel with the newly resurected Ovavia, who now wears Thia’s face, to Myth Drannor to see to the curing of Senator Vaeness, who remains under the influence of the Cyrishad. There they are confronted by Lady Fenrikka, who seeks to force Isaac to fulfill his promise to give her the book of lies.

During a private confrontation, Zanne reveals to her his undead state, promting her striking against him and forcing them to flee the Coronal Guard, lest they be arrested for the crimes of Purple Jack— Zanne’s apparent alter ego on whom many nefarious crimes have been pinned.

The companions travel to Hillsfar to discover that Swevbole is now leading the forces occupying that territory and oppressing it’s people under the guise of a Sharan witch hunt. There they meet up with Tempest and Horiam aboard the Kaedron of Esparr and travel to the ruins of Zhentil Keep.

The companions battle the Keep’s troll occupiers, and eventually confront the Vampire Commander Dabemorn permanently slaying him before his own altar to Asmodeus.

The Red River adventurers confront the Great Banelar Naga, the being created specifically to destroy the Book of Lies by Bane, but discover that it has been poisoned to their intentions and seeks the life of Isaac. Jonn attempts a daring gambit to get the Banelar to swallow the book, but before they can escape, Zanne is trapped by the Banelar and consumed. Fortunately as the companions were warned, this leads only to Zanne’s resurrection into mortal form, freed from the curse upon him.

But the ground begins to shake as the Banelar is now free to escape his prison, and above them the Green Dragon Razcorleth and the Silver Dragon Mekphlasis do battle. Will monsters now do battle to determine the fate of Toril?



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