Shadowed Realms

Episode Twenty Three: How Far Have You Strayed?

"Which is exactly what you would say if you had read the book!"

It is a time of revelations as the Red River Adventurers reach out to their guardian angel Dusk, who gives them new insight on the goals of their enemies; Lord Allacian and King Foril’s dream of a Sembia under the Purple Dragon while Cardinal Montcrief seems intent on the mass abduction of Corymr’s people into the Shadowfell.
The Companions also learn of the Shade Threndrin, the Netherese Assassin that killed Kelt. After some debate on the justice of it, the companions agree to capture Threndrin and trade him to Dark Prince Ovid to assure that they will be able to obtain the cure for Ghia’s mother.
The meeting with Dark Prince Ovid is almost derailed by the presence of the Ghost of Evantide Cassi, whom the Companions capture.
Dark Prince Ovid agrees to the bargain and reveals three means of curing one who has been affected by the madness of the Cyrishad.
Thia speaks to the Prophet of the Blue Flame, who reveals to her that she is destined to be a Godslayer even while the spellplague ravages her body.
The Companions gather on the Wicked Fang and together they all decide to travel to the Pirate Isle to gain intelligence on Xiphu, the Floating City where Anna is now imprisoned.



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