Shadowed Realms

Episode Twenty Two: Showdown at Vesperin

"Where in the World is Horiam?"

The Red River Adventurers sail to Tanthas in Vesperin, Intent on traveling
overland to the city of Raven’s Bluff. It is in Raven’s Bluff that Horiam the Talespinner and his partner in flight Trer’t’cuur were forced to go to ground to try and keep the Cyrishad, the Book of Lies, out of the hands of all comers. 
The Red River Adventurers pose as watersellers and travel to Raven’s Bluff, and meet with the Order of the Blue Flame, who are treating the victims of a spellplague wrought natural disaster. Raven’s Bluff’s natural waterways have been infested by the spellplague, turning the population against the victims who are scarred by the exposure. 
The Companions go to the Bank of the Five Virtues to sell their wares and inadvertently are thrown into the middle of a pitch battle with Thayan terrorists.  The Companions find themselves fighting alongside the Ghosts of Evantide and Cassi the Seeker, Horiam and Trer’s most selfless and dogged pursuers. 
The Companions then located Horiam and Trer, aiding them in hiding while they race to arrange a meeting between the companions and Dark Prince Ovid of Netheril and Horiam. It is their hope that Ovid can sell them the means of curing Thia’s mother of the Cyrishad’s influence. 
The Companions dodge Tiamat worshipers, gangs, brute squads and eventually encounter the mysterious figure known only as The Eminence, who claims to have been sent by the Angel Dusk, and who reveals to the companions their role in a divine plan to subjugate all of Faerun. 
Raven’s Bluff erupts into chaos around The Red River Adventurers who witness In passing a final showdown between the Ghosts of Evantide and the local Agents of Netheril. The Companions rescue Hestia Pyren and prevent the Adamantine Dragon Yilfir from tearing down the city in an attempt to protect Hestia from a gang of thugs.



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