Shadowed Realms

Episode Twenty Six: What |Have you Done For Him Lately?

"I am not rewarding you for your loyalty. I am rewarding you for who you are. "

The Red River Adventurers struggle with the practical realities of awakening Anna of the Dales, whose relationship with the dark god Bane is a source of some mystery. The circumstances are further made tense by Codrus’ revelation that he intends to offer his newly assembled pirate fleet to the Blue Dragon navy in return for rank and amnesty within Coramyr for his men thus denying Anna her ship and crew.

The companions use mystical means to learn more of Anna’s past, and it is suggested that Anna has a special place in Bane’s scheme as well as revealing unpleasant truths about her treatment at the hands of her father while under his care.

The companions eventually awaken Anna, and Zanne attempts to convince her of her mistakes, but is interrupted by Arijaal, the Angelic Servitor of Bane, who attempts to take Anna by force. Thia activates the power of the Spellplague within her, dealing a permanently fatal blow to Arijaal, assuring the companions that Bane’s wrath will some day be terrible.

The companions travel once more to Myth Drannor, where they learn that the Osmium Dragon Karxasis is under siege by the Tuthad S’Delvat, the facist drow faction that seeks the destruction of the drow held there under the leadership of Trer’t’cuur.

With the assistance of the Steel Dragon Telknebras, the companions confront the drow, only to discover that they are secretly backed by a Mind Flayer who is under the influence of the Book of Cyric. The Mind Flayer removes Thia’s memories and nearly absconds with the book, but the companions slay him and recover Thia, but not before Thia’s sword Aecris is delivered to Ovavia’s Sacrifice, leading to the resurrection of the heroic Mercury dragon.



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