Isaac Zarathustra

The latest in a long line of military leaders in Cormyr, Ike sets out to learn the terrain.



Dragonslayer Heavy War Pick: +10 vs. AC, d12+6 damage + 2d8(2d12) (critical(vs. dragons)). Properties: Gain resist 5 vs. dragon breath attacks. Power: (Daily, Minor) Your next attack with this weapon against a dragon, if made before the end of your turn, gains a +5 power bonus to the attack roll and automatically ignores any resistance the dragon has.

Longsword: +9 vs. AC, d8+4

Handaxe: +8 vs. AC d6+4 Range 5/10

Javelin: +8 vs. AC d6+4 Range 10/20

Longbow: +4 vs. AC d10 Range 20/40

STR: 19(+4) AC: 20 HP: 37

CON: 10(+0) FORT: 17 Bloodied: 18

DEX: 10(+0) REF: 15 Healing Surge: 9

INT: 16(+3) WILL: 14 Surges/Day: 7

WIS: 08(-1) Level: 4 Passive insight: 13

CHA: 14(+2) Speed: 5 Passive Perception: 13

Initiative + 4


Jack of All Trades (+2 to all untrained skills), Skill Focus: Intimidate (+3 to Intimidate Checks), Unbalancing Wrath (Targets of Infernal Wrath grant combat advantage)


Acrobatics 3

Arcana 7

Athletics 10

Bluff 8

Diplomacy 6

Dungeoneering 3

Endurance 3

Heal 6

History 10

Insight 3

Intimidate 12

Nature 3

Perception 3

Religion 7

Stealth 5

Streetwise 6

Thievery 3


Background: Ike was born to a prestigious family of military officers. His great-great-grandfather escaped Thay 200 years ago, and built a dynasty from nothing. His father Titus was an adventurer in service to House Obraskyr. His mother Kallista was an instructor at the War Wizard’s College.

Gods Ike Likes: Kord, Waukeen, Erathis, Gond, Bahamut.

Ike’s Goals—

Short Term: Keep Redgar Obraskyr safe at all costs. Prevent Elven ambassador Ullard from consolidating power in Daelrun and engaging in three-party talks with Sembia’s and Daelrun’s ambassadors.

Medium Term: Become a competent ritual magician. Gain admission into the Knighthood of the Purple Dragon. Obtain gold, soldiers and intelligence for the Crown and for Ike. Stop the resurrection of the Shadow Weave over the Ordulin Maelstrom.

Long Term: Marry into power. Replace father as commander of House Obraskyr’s adventuring party after his death or retirement. Maintain political power for House Obraskyr. Eliminate anti-Tiefling elements in Cormyrian priesthood.

Weapons Ike Likes: Heavy war picks, javelins, longbows.

Isaac Zarathustra

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