Redgar Obraskyr

This young and brilliant wizard is 4th in line for the throne of Cormyr


Human Level 1 Wizard

  • Str 10
  • Con 10
  • Dex 10
  • Int 20 (+5/+5)
  • Wis 14 (+2/+2)
  • Cha 8 (-1/-1)

Redgar’s Recipe for Wraith Smoothies

Serves a party of five adventurers.


  • 2 Wraiths of the Shadowfell
  • A narrow dungeon corridor


  1. Prepare Freezing Cloud, and ready Cloud of Daggers and Thunderwave.
  2. In narrow dungeon corridor, position wraiths.
  3. Freeze-dry wraiths for three seconds with Freezing Cloud until wraiths withdraw.
  4. When wraiths withdraw, chop finely with Cloud of Daggers until wraiths dimension jump in front of both Clouds.
  5. With Thunderwave, push wraiths through Freezing Cloud and Cloud of Daggers for three seconds or until reduced to a fine shadowy mist.
  6. Serve with a topping of experience points and enjoy!

Redgar Obraskyr

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