Shadowed Realms

Episode 33- Slipping Through The Fingers
Choices are made, and nations shudder...

The Red River Adventurers, in the hopes of preventing the slaughter of the Church Knights due to the enemies taking advantage of the Navigator’s Portal network, divide their number into two teams. Redgar, Jonn and Isaac travel to the north to deliver Prince Ivard into the hands of the Purple Dragon forces near Daggerdale, while Zayne, Thia and Tempest stay with the Dragon, Yilfir to guard the Navigators Portal and the prisoners.

When they arrive at the Purple Dragon camp, Prince Ivard’s command is contested by Magister Feodin, a War Wizard in service to Regent Allacian and it is clear that Allacian’s conspirators have no intention of allowing Ivard to disrupt their intentions. Prince Ivard’s call to arms leads to a bloody civil brawl that the companions barely survive and leaves the Purple Dragon forces decimated and demoralized. The Purple Dragons are now barely able to field their force let alone hold the line against the oncoming Shadovar.

Meanwhile, the remaining companions capture one of Tetrarch Montcrief’s conspirators and learns that the attack is immanent, and that the Tetrarch deliberatly fielded his personal enemies within the Church Knights so that they would be slaughtered in the King’s Forest. Fearing being overwhelmed, the companions are forced to block the Navigator’s portal to delay the invasion force and warn the Church Knights.

The Church Knights are warned, but alas the blocking of the portal served merely to delay the invasion, and the arrival of the Black Dragon Iaxmir signals that the Battle of the Storm Horns is about to begin!

Episode 32- Two Princes
Kelt lives, but his death must be avenged.

The companions sail the Sea of Fallen Stars and discover that their theft of the Githyanki slave ship The Kaedron of Esparr has brought the attention of other spelljamming vessels to Faerun and that it may end up being a pretense to full scale invasion by extra-planar pirates.
A Rendevous with Captain Codrus of the Wicked Fang reveals the fact that the political situation in Coramyr is degenerating, and that the King wastes away while Allacian has declared himself regent, and Tetrarch Moncreif now holds control in Suzail. The Ghosts of Evantide in Coramyr have nationalized and the remaining cells now war opening with the Purple Lady’s network from the shadows.
Isaac, Redgar and Jonn are reunited with Hestia and Kelt. Kelt has been reborn as a noble savage Deva who currently controls many of the Orc tribes of the Farsea Swamp.
The Companions investigate the ruins of Nantir only to discover that the ruins contain one of the portals in the Navigator’s network, and Isaac and Jonn face off against the Shadar-Kai assassin that killed Kelt over a year ago.
Now in control of the Navigator’s portal, the Companions are aware of an impending attack that will destroy the nearby Church Knight encampment. How will the Companions turn the table on the forces of the Shadovar?

Episode Thirty One- Boots On The Ground
"Try to break it to my brother gently."

Zayne and Thia defend the Scardale Aquaduct from destruction at the hands of the Mistress’ Warforged Titan, and manage to disable the war machine, which is traded to the Zhentarim.

Then the companions act to prevent the Warforged from slaughtering the citizens of Scardale by protecting the local Shantytown from Warforged butchers. The companions capture one of the Warforged, designated “Nineteen”, and release him on the understanding that he owes them a life debt.

The companions learn that Anna has purchased herself a commission as a Commander in the Zhentarim in the hopes of securing their aid in holding Scardale against the inevitable Sembian return, and in the hopes of pleasing Bane, who still holds claim on her soul. `

Episode Thirty- Eyes On The Water
We must hold the harbor at all costs.

Now in command of the Cormyran and Privateer fleet that occupies Scardale harbor, Admiral Isaac Zarathustra holds the line against the Zhentarim fleet sent to assassinate Crown Prince Ivard.
Facing off agaist the devastating power of Two Beholder Eye Tyrants sent to assassinate Crown Prince Ivard at Sea, War Wizard Redgar aids the survival of many of the allied sailors whose ships are lost to the Zhentarim.

Tempest takes the role of Captain to prevent a mutiny from within the ranks of the privateers. The harbour is held but the sinking of the flagship leaves the loyalty of the privateer forces uncertain and the Crown Prince is forced to rethink his plans to return to Suzail.

Episode Twenty Nine- To See Paradise But Never Enter
It helps to see the knife coming, but that doesn't always turn the blade.

The Red River Adventurers, with the assistance of Anna and the Scardale resistance, manage to stage a raid on the munitions holdings of Tultin of Scardale only to discover that Tultin has evidently pulled some sort of a quadruple-cross against his many allies! He sold out Scardale to the Shadovar forces, Used his ties to the Zhentarim to build up their brute squads for a double cross against the Shadovar while quietly seeding the coast with undead sleeper soldiers. But is now revealed to have been also aiding the Shadovar in smuggling in an army of constructs to prevent the Zhentarim from betraying the Shadovar. What side is he on? Likely his own.

The Red River Adventurers deliver the munitions to the docks intent on supplying the Crown Prince with the munitions to retake the docks but they manage to capture a Zhentarim officer who reveals the real purpose of the Zhentarim reinforcements from the north. They are here specifically to assassinate the Crown Prince. The Red River Adventurers decide that they must divide their forces: Half of them will make certain the uprising is successful by holding Scardale Keep, while the rest hurry to prevent Crown Prince Ivard’s assassination at sea at the hands of a Beholder Eye Tyrant.

Episode Twenty Eight- Spark on the Anvil
Stuck once more between opposing forces-- motif anyone?

The Red River Adventurers emerge from the ruins of Zhentil keep victorious, with the book destroyed, the god Cyric allegedly dethroned and Zanne once more breathing. They reach the surface only minutes ahead of the Banelar, who, no longer restrained by prophecy, seeks to escape his prison beneath the earth.
The Companions meet up with Tempest and Mekphlasis the Silver Dragon, who are being pursued by the Warlock Green Dragon Razcorleth. Razcorleth is revealed to be the secret puppet master behind Commander Dabamorn’s position in the Zhentarim and he seeks both vengence and the means of keeping Dabamorn’s death a secret.
The Companions manage to drive off Razcorleth’s forces, but barely manage to slow down the advancing Banelar, whose sole purpose seems to be to make it to open water and seek its fortune elsewhere.
Once back aboard the Kaedron of Esparr, their stolen Githyanki Spelljammer, the Companions use its submersible abilities to overtake and secretly pass a Zhentarim fleet that seems intnent on heading to Scardale to support the defense of it’s port against the assaulting Blue Dragon Naval forces.
Redgar and his allied rendevous with the flagship of the Blue Dragon fleet and find out that the local forces are commanded by Crown Prince Ivard Obraskyr, the heir apparent of the Coramyran kingdom and a known military hawk. Ivard listens to Redgar’s explainations and accusations and ultimately agrees to help Ivard retake the port of Scardale before the Zhentarim arrive to improve their chances.
To do this, Jonn meets with his sister Anna, who has once more taken control of the Scardale resistance, and together they devise a plan to steal munitions from the Shadow Caravan profiteers that are supplying the Zhentarim— Jonn’s father Tultin.

Episode Twenty Seven: Generational Warfare
"Are you sure that's the right book?"

The Red River Adventurers travel with the newly resurected Ovavia, who now wears Thia’s face, to Myth Drannor to see to the curing of Senator Vaeness, who remains under the influence of the Cyrishad. There they are confronted by Lady Fenrikka, who seeks to force Isaac to fulfill his promise to give her the book of lies.

During a private confrontation, Zanne reveals to her his undead state, promting her striking against him and forcing them to flee the Coronal Guard, lest they be arrested for the crimes of Purple Jack— Zanne’s apparent alter ego on whom many nefarious crimes have been pinned.

The companions travel to Hillsfar to discover that Swevbole is now leading the forces occupying that territory and oppressing it’s people under the guise of a Sharan witch hunt. There they meet up with Tempest and Horiam aboard the Kaedron of Esparr and travel to the ruins of Zhentil Keep.

The companions battle the Keep’s troll occupiers, and eventually confront the Vampire Commander Dabemorn permanently slaying him before his own altar to Asmodeus.

The Red River adventurers confront the Great Banelar Naga, the being created specifically to destroy the Book of Lies by Bane, but discover that it has been poisoned to their intentions and seeks the life of Isaac. Jonn attempts a daring gambit to get the Banelar to swallow the book, but before they can escape, Zanne is trapped by the Banelar and consumed. Fortunately as the companions were warned, this leads only to Zanne’s resurrection into mortal form, freed from the curse upon him.

But the ground begins to shake as the Banelar is now free to escape his prison, and above them the Green Dragon Razcorleth and the Silver Dragon Mekphlasis do battle. Will monsters now do battle to determine the fate of Toril?

Episode Twenty Six: What |Have you Done For Him Lately?
"I am not rewarding you for your loyalty. I am rewarding you for who you are. "

The Red River Adventurers struggle with the practical realities of awakening Anna of the Dales, whose relationship with the dark god Bane is a source of some mystery. The circumstances are further made tense by Codrus’ revelation that he intends to offer his newly assembled pirate fleet to the Blue Dragon navy in return for rank and amnesty within Coramyr for his men thus denying Anna her ship and crew.

The companions use mystical means to learn more of Anna’s past, and it is suggested that Anna has a special place in Bane’s scheme as well as revealing unpleasant truths about her treatment at the hands of her father while under his care.

The companions eventually awaken Anna, and Zanne attempts to convince her of her mistakes, but is interrupted by Arijaal, the Angelic Servitor of Bane, who attempts to take Anna by force. Thia activates the power of the Spellplague within her, dealing a permanently fatal blow to Arijaal, assuring the companions that Bane’s wrath will some day be terrible.

The companions travel once more to Myth Drannor, where they learn that the Osmium Dragon Karxasis is under siege by the Tuthad S’Delvat, the facist drow faction that seeks the destruction of the drow held there under the leadership of Trer’t’cuur.

With the assistance of the Steel Dragon Telknebras, the companions confront the drow, only to discover that they are secretly backed by a Mind Flayer who is under the influence of the Book of Cyric. The Mind Flayer removes Thia’s memories and nearly absconds with the book, but the companions slay him and recover Thia, but not before Thia’s sword Aecris is delivered to Ovavia’s Sacrifice, leading to the resurrection of the heroic Mercury dragon.

Episode Twenty Five: City of Torment
"Why did we come here again?"

The Red River Adventurers and their companions target and steal the Kaedron of Esparr, a Githyanki Spelljamming ship pirated by a Captain Iquel and his Red Dragon Ally, but in the conflict the ship’s flight controls are damaged allowing the ship to only to travel upon and beneath the waters of Toril.

Using their new ship, the companions travel to Xiphu, the fabled City of Torment, where they are forced to navigate its labrynthine corridors to seek out Anna of the Dales, who was placed unconscious within its depths by the magic of the Deck of Many Things.

With the aid of their tracker, Tempest, and through Redgar’s careful planning, they rescue Anna, and then discover that they are not certain what they intend to do now that they have her in their care.

Side Trek: Beasts of The Sea
"Selune does not Tolerate Blasphemies of the Flesh"

After years of searching, Selune failthful and Silverstar Longtooth Shifter Tempest tracks down the canibalistic pirate crew that ravaged her village as a child. With the aid of Hoiram the Talespinner, she confronts the Lycanthrope captain of the Pirate Crew and ends his reign of terror over the Sea of Fallen stars. Horiam invites her to aid in a quest to the City of Torment.


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