As the party travels the Realms many interesting characters appear…

NPCs- Coromyr

NPCs- Myth Drannor

NPCs- Sembia & Scardale

The Luminaries of Daerlun-

For almost fifty years, Daerlun has maintained its independence from it’s two warring neighbour empires of Coromyr and Sembia (Netheril). The people of Daelun hold their heroes and their independence in high regard and yet they know they must also continually prove their value to both of their neighbours lest they be seen once again as a stepping stone of conquest rather than the comfortable buffer they are at present.

NPCs- Dalelands

NPCs- Vassa

NPCs- Mulmaster

  • Green Dragon Draconic Manipulator behind Zhentarim Hedonist faction.

NPCs- The Higher and Lower Planes

  • Dusk Angel of Death, Spiritual Mother of Redgar
  • Sir Tellvard Servant of Amaunator

NPCs- Netheril

  • Horiam Reluctant Ambassador of Ordulin Maelstrom

NPCs- Moonsea


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